October 9, 2012

Profile in Tulsa Day 2

We got a fairly early start yesterday. Thanks to the Tulsa crew for another amazing day. Plus the cool weather and perfectly sunny skies are making the atmosphere a good change of pace for all of us. Spent about three hours in a ditch yesterday. Why? It had three separate sections, each completely different. Snapped a good amount of pics and filmed quite a few clips for the next profile edit. We seem to continuously call the day at 10pm, crazy 9 hour day sessions. Surprised were up early again today. More to come. Stay tuned.

Tulsa Crew

Jared Eberwein Ditch Whip

Jake Geisel Hip Turn Down

Grant Castelluzzo Bank Whip

Matt Coplon Jersey Barrier Roast.

Jared Eberwein Tuck

October 9, 2012


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