August 9, 2011

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The last day of any road trip is always kind of a bummer. Eight solid days with your friends. Eight solid days of meeting new people. And Saturday marked the eighth day in a row of solid riding. Although we rode a lot each day of the trip, we capitalized on Saturday hitting three different areas: Pawtucket, downtown Providence, and College Hill.

Pawtucket is filled with old Mill buildings from the turn of the century. There seems to be something new and interesting around every corner. And wallrides are a dime a dozen. I think everyone was over a good bank to wall by the end of the trip…not myself and Meister. The more the better.
Besides wall rides, there are some key ledges in the area that are in prime condition (after a little waxing). We spent two solid hours between two ledges: Conall and Jeff K. handled both of them for a bit and some pretty wild moves went down.

Off to College Hill for a couple good rail hops, flat ledges, and, in general, rail set ups. We finished the day here watching some slow moving thunder storms move in from the West. The weather held up long enough for us to cruise up the hill near Brown to hit up a BBQ joint that seemed to fit more in the South than in one of the more liberal towns in the NE. Regardless, the traditionalists had their pulled pork and ribs while a couple of us hippies had our BBQ seitan.

A pretty amazing way to end the trip…already looking forward to the next one.

Thanks to Tom Burke, Will T., Greg at Fat Trax, Matt Stills, John Maul and Tony at DM, Chuck at the Daily Grind, Sean and Scott at Eastern Boarder, as well as all of our new friends along the way. Special thanks to Vic at Circuit BMX for all of his help with the organization of the trip.

Support your local bike shop. Hopefully, we’ll see you next year.

Here too, are some photo’s on the Circuit Blog.

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August 9, 2011


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