September 6, 2018

Profile Racing’s Legacy: Week 34, 2002.

2002 saw a major restructuring of Profile’s freestyle team. Jeff Harrington, after four years at Profile handling the team/sales (1998-2001) moved on to work at FBM.

Taking his place, Matt Coplon was hired on full time in 2001 to take over the transition. And by 2002, a new team was started with Sean Albright, Alex Krauss, Luis Pinzon, and Mark Mulville.

The fireball sprocket was an aesthetic follow up to the BlackJack: time consuming on the machines, and like the Blackjack, it was machined, then anodized, then re-machined to bring out the details. There were two versions of the Fireball: the first batch was less detailed, the second much more so. This sprocket was actually are most short lived.

To go along with the existing 44 and 36t Blackjack, we made a bashguard for trends in coping/rail/ledge disasters (the trick, not an actual disaster). The unique design of the “Porkchop” allowed for protection of the sprocket, but also a visual window that allowed for the sprocket’s aesthetic to show through.

The most unique freestyle product we released in 2002 was our Alutanium Pegs. Like the Fireball, only two batches were made. The first, pictured above with a thicker aluminum base. The second, with that aluminum base made much thinner. The processing of these pegs was pretty time consuming. First, a 7075 aluminum inner core was made with a machined lip at the base. Then, a piece of titanium tubing was cut and engraved with the Profile “Wing-P.” Finally, with a hydraulic press, the titanium sleeve was pressed over the aluminum core.

On the race side of things, the Inferno Sprocket was the doppelgänger for the Fireball. Instead of a red base anodize, it was only offered in high polished and in 3/32 teeth.

2002 Catalog Addendum


September 6, 2018


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