June 27, 2013

Profile: The Georgia/Florida line

+++Back in April, we loaded up my trusty Corolla with an XL bike rack and headed up to Athens, Georgia for the twilight jam.
+++Between dodging heavy rain storms, we spent to solid days in Athens, headed south after the weekend and hit up southern Georgia and Jacksonville.
+++We’ll be dropping an edit soon on the Dig site re-capping the trip. In the meantime, here are some photos I snapped with Mulville, Moseley, Eberwein, and Leeper within those four days.
+++Thanks to Profile for the support and thanks to the dudes for making this a really fun trip.


Ricky Moseley. Tabe off a perfect cement tranny in South Georgia.

Ricky, peg grab griz at the Athens trails.

Ricky. Crisp morning flair.

Mark and Jared. Tandem cans. This somehow only took five tries.

Jared. Rail to bar. Athens

Mulville. Early morning session at SPOA.

Dillon Leeper. Tabe on the impossible.

Jared. 270 tabe at SPOA.

Jared. Tombstone bar to acid drop.

June 27, 2013


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