January 20, 2023

Profile’s PA Neighborhood Crawl Gallery

At a time of the year (November) where the entirety of the East coast’s weather seems to be in a bipolar state on a week to week basis, You roll the dice on any trip you plan and hope it doesn’t rain. This trip being nothing short of an ice breaker for what winter had to offer us this year. The temperatures for the week maintained in the mid to low 30’s with windchills making it feel like it was in the 20’s.

Staying bundled with layers, Shane Leeper, Dave Zovko, Dre Tylee and myself spent a long weekend up in Dan Conway’s Area of Aston,Pa., running the roads, hitting all of our mans local spots within an hours radius of home base. With an endless spot list to choose from and a crew that can keep the fire stoked, we made the best of a frigid situation. Big thanks to Profile Racing, Dan and Kim Conway for the hospitality along with the Stink Pit family for the good times.

-Dillon Leeper

(All pics by Dillon Leeper)

Dave Zovko: Wall Ice

Dan Conway: Thread-the-needle Smith.

Dre Tylee: Not wearing shorts.

Shane Leeper: Fakie Wall Slap

Dave Zovko: Nose well below freezing.

Shane Leeper: Classic Fake Wall.


Tooth: Dan Conway

The crew in it’s entirety; Thanks for the hospitality.

January 20, 2023


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