January 25, 2023

Profile’s Team Legacy — Phil Aller

To kick off Profile’s 55th anniversary (1968 – 2023), we wanted to begin the celebration by highlighting those riders who’ve been with our brand for over 15 years.

Over the course of January, we’ll feature each of those 11 riders in a comprehensive retrospective – looking back, ruminating on today, and looking forward.

This is our family.

Thanks to each of these riders for years of support.

Ninth up, Phil Aller.

Phil Aller Portraiture; shout out to Entity Bmx Shop.

Matt Coplon: What year did you start riding for Profile? 

Phil Aller: 2005.

This might have been the first print advert after Phil came on board. Profile Europe Advert; Ride UK.

M: And how was that initiated? Was it through Kevin Garwood?

P: It was. I met Kevin at Woodward sports camp and became good friends with him. Later that year he introduced me and put me in contact with Steve and Sam at Pre along with yourself. Forever grateful. Cheers Kev!

Recents at the local watering hole…

M: If I’m not mistaken, that next year was when I met up with you for the first time in the UK and then we immediately flew to the Czech Republic for the Worlds.

I remember thinking, “This dude can ice-270 anything.”

Being such a diverse rider, how did you diversify early on living in Guernsey?

P: Thanks. I was born in Guernsey in 1984. Around 1995 Guernsey got an indoor Skatepark and that’s really where I began riding. I guess I learnt to ride a mini ramp before anything else. At the end of 96′ my parents moved to the south coast of England. I quickly made some riding friends and spent my teenage years riding slades farm concrete park and colehill trails. A few years later I moved back to Guernsey for a short period, where I spent a couple of years riding backyard mini ramps and riding some street. Guernsey had an amazing riding scene back then. I’ve always enjoyed riding a bit of everything.

Morocco improvisations…

M: Favorite Profile Component?

P: All of them, I’ve been running my current setup of Profile parts for a couple of years now and they all run as good as when they were new.

The rare Matte Green Push stem amongst a medieval back light…

M: There’s something to say for you being smooth as well. With that in mind, what’s the single Profile component you rode the longest? 

P: Column cranks. 

The rare UK sunlight…Phil’s Limited Sunshine Hubs.

M: What’s been your favorite Profile related Roadtrip?

P: The 2009-10 ride to glory road trips were awesome. The ‘Profile racing at the airport’ project was really cool.

The Profile Crew during Ride UK’s “Ride to Glory” road trip.

M: I was lucky enough to go on the RTG in 2010, which, I will have to say, was one of the wildest roadtrips I’ve ever been on.

Pulling you through London in the rental trying to get you to do the longest “skid” was absolutely terrifying.

For you, what was THE Best memory from a Profile Roadtrip? 

P: All the banter from RTG roadtrips. James Harrison doing a naked tailwhip air on a DIY quarter pipe.

UK shark attack…

M: And you just went on an epic, memorial ride for your long time buddy. Can you give us some details on that?

It seemed like it might have been the most epic trip you’ve been on to date?

P: It was epic and I’m grateful to have been part of it. In memory of our good friend Tom McConnell (Yeah Roy). Tom had this idea of a carbon neutral trip from home to the top of Mont Blanc in France. Six of us, along with Tom’s Dad, accomplished Tom’s big adventure. In a brief summary, the trip comprised of an 18 hour sail from Poole (Dorset, England) to Cherbourg (France) Cycling 1300 KM to chamonix, camping along the way, followed by a gruelling 2 day ascent to the top of Mont Blanc. Thanks to Chris Machonochie for organising this and letting me be apart of it. Yeah Roy.

Brief stint in Tampa; Bagel Bowl visit. Pic by Matt Coplon.

M: Who’s the Profile Team rider who you enjoyed travelling with the most?

P: I’ve travelled with Craig Stevens a fair amount and it’s always fun. I feel privileged to have been part of Profile and to have shared such awesome times with these dudes through the years. Cheers!

Diy Gold…

M: To end: one story example of a dialed time with Craig?

P: It was always a good time with Craig. He would ride so hard that he would probably need a visit to A and E, then party even harder.

UK portraiture recents…

M: Thanks Phil, for being awesome and for all your support over the years. We really appreciate it!


January 25, 2023


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