July 7, 2017

Profile’s Tech Tip #26 : What’s the difference? Madera Versus Profile.

A very common question we get here in the factory: What is the difference between Madera and Profile product?

The answer is actually quite simple: aesthetics.

There’s quite a bit of crossover within both product line’s essential parts. For instance, the same spline inserts are used for both Madera and Profile Splined Sprockets, the same GDH spindles are used between both line’s 19 and 22mm crank selection, and as these two videos show, both Madera V-2 and Profile Mini/Totem rear cassette hubs have the exact same internals.

But, what brings the cost down on Madera’s line is production and post production aesthetics. Madera V-2 rear hub shells take 5 minutes in our machines where, Profile Mini rear hub shells take 7-1/2. That 2-1/2 minute difference in machine time equals a substantial cost savings over time. For instance, throughout the day, our shop would make 56 Rear Profile shells as compared to 80 Madera V-2 shells.

Instead of utilizing engraving (like we do on quite a bit of the Profile line), we handle a lot of Madera’s post production in the laser etching machine. For instance, laser etching Madera’s logo on the V-2 hub takes about 20 seconds where the three “Wing P” logos on the Profile Mini takes up around 1/3 of the entire production time of the shell.

With Madera, we also stray away from polishing as a base coat for anodizing. Polishing is done by hand, is extremely rigorous and time consuming…with that in mind we tend to lean towards either media blasting (Madera’s Matte Red and Snow Colorways) or paint (Madera’s Celestial and Party paint Colorway) as a base coat

So, in essence, if you like the idea of your parts being made in the USA, but you’re on a budget, that’s where Madera comes into play.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and thanks for the support!

July 7, 2017


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