June 4, 2012

Richmond – Day #2

Richmond-day #2

I met up with Neal Hise for a morning session on Friday. A real early morning session actually. After we got some coffee at the Lamplighter, we hit up a manual/stair set at a war monument. Seems like there are monuments everywhere in Richmond. Got kicked out by a lawn maintenance man and headed to a slab spot that was pretty dialed. Not sure how those cement nipples are made but they seem to be a staple obstacle at every cement park these days.

After baking in the sun, Neal headed to work, and I met up with Dre Tylee, Dave Zovko, and Eric Holladay. Eric was our tour guide for the afternoon. We were able to get a cache of spots in before the monsoon. We actually got caught at about 3:30 in a torrential down pour. As we were getting soaked, I couldn’t stop laughing at Holladay’s antics. If you know him, you know what I mean. Amazing dude, amazing rider as well.

We’re off to Ed’s games, below is what we captured for the day. Thanks again to dillon and Shane Leeper for their hospitality.

Dre Tylee: impossible bar inside a fiber glass full pipe

Dave Zovko: fuf at the bike lot. Our second wind before monsoon part two

Matt Coplon: left to right pocket at the pipes

left to right: holliday, zovko, dre tylee, and dillon and shane leeper

slab spot

one of 18,000 confederate graves in hollywood cemetery

June 4, 2012


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