May 8, 2013

Ricky Moseley: Athens Trans Am Jam

Most of you guys saw previous posts where Mulville, Jared, Matt and myself went to Georgia on a trip to the Twilight BMX contest in Athens, GA. It was a awesome trip, probably the stinkiest trip I’ve ever been on from eating all that vegan food, haha!! But the riding was great, we even met up with Dillion Leeper and Shane Leeper: street killers!

I Ended up riding the contest, even being as sore as I was from the prior day of riding 10 hours, haha!
Keith King provided the ramps and special thanks to the whole Twilight weekend for allowing BMX to be apart of the event!!!

I’m stoked to say I walked away with 4th place while Jared, “the machine”, Ward took the win. He killed it! Here’s a few pics and keep a eye out for more to pop up from our trip and loads of videos also! Thanks to Profile for all the help and the awesome trip.

Now go out and shred!!! ”

-Ricky Moseley

May 8, 2013


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