June 2, 2016

Ricky Moseley: Winding into Summer.

Winding down the month of May, crazy how fast it blew by! Here’s a couple quick things that happened this month…

First off, I sold the largest photo I’ve ever sold before as you will see below. It came out to be a total of 5ft tall and 10ft wide, printed on metal. I drove it over to Las Vegas and hung it up for the Client…

Also this month was the boozer jam at Sheephills. It was a rad one!
Plus we have had some pretty awesome Vans Sessions in HB.
Plus still doing shows 3-4 days a week.
It’s been a wild and busy month.
Here’s a few photos to recap it.

For more, hit up @rickyshoots on Instagram and @profile_racing

– Ricky Moseley

June 2, 2016


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