June 14, 2013

Rob DiQuattro: Checking in

Recently I bought a one way ticket out to Milwaukee to visit Jeff. We rode a bunch, ate some custard, and worked on his wood working studio for about a week. Then we went down to Chicago to visit Kachinsky and hang out at the Bakery while Chad Kerley, Jerimiah Smith, and Rob Wise all put in work towards their respected edits. It was a treat to watch those dudes go in. Eventually Jeff and I drove back to Cleveland for the last Ray’s MTB session of the season. We rode some street too since it was warming up and watched some Survivor with the DiQuattro family. Jeff headed home and two days later Tyler Rembold picked me up on his way to Boston from Louisville. We stayed with Brendon Reith and rode around the city for about a week with the Chocolate Truck Crew. Best group of people in BMX. Also we met up with some “Strangeways” veterans that made the journey across the pond Tommy Gunn, and Clarky. Reith’s parents set us on our way with a fair well BBQ and we headed back to Ohio. Something like 10 days later we were back in to car headed to NYC and Boston. Both Cities were such a treat to visit. We all made it home a few days ago, and in a weeks time Scotty Wemmer, Tyler Rembold, and myself will be headed back to NYC in order to catch our flight to Spain and Germany!


June 14, 2013


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