June 4, 2014

Rob DiQuattro: Long weekend in Colorado.

Me waiting out a windstorm with squirrel mane

Stacking some antics clip of Dustin Arp.

The trip was awesome. I flew out on a Friday and got into Denver at midnight. My friend Cutright picked me up, we grabbed some terrible TacoBell and headed to his place. It was 1am when we got in and he went straight to bed. I built my bike up and crashed around 2 only to wake up 3 hours later to start our journey to SLC. We met up with Tanner Nelson the next day who was kind enough to let us crash at his place. During Easter weekend we rode campus and met up with other SLC locals such as Elf and Tate. Everyone we met was awesome. They have an awesome scene down there and I was glad to experience it first hand. We headed home on Tuesday and swung by Arches national park on the way home. It was incredible. Not too sure how to articulate what it was like, definitely a place you just need to see. When we made it back to Denver the weather was still beautiful. We rode some parks during the week, of which Colorado has no short of. When the weekend came we wrangled up a pretty big crew. It was a great time, everyone was in high spirits and both Derek Cano and Dustin Arp came away with some heavy clips on a scary gap out flatbar. After the weekend came a windstorm. The first one I’ve experienced in my life. It’s like thunderstorm weather with no rain or lightning. Temperatures dropped and riding was traded in for watching House M.D. and playing Pokemon yellow (I hate yellow). After about 3 days of that most of us had beaten Pokemon at least once if not twice and House was becoming extremely annoying to watch. The wind changed from 50mph gusts to 20 so we braved the cold one night and headed to Broomfield park. Mario and I filmed a “5 on it” edit before the sun went down.

The last couple of days the weather let up and we were able to ride some bikes again before I had to fly back home. I love Colorado, every time I go out there it’s a great time

June 4, 2014


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