June 13, 2013

Saavedra in June

A dream come true. Last week I had the honor of building the newest feature
at Woodward West the Roaster Coaster !

Sal putting in work.

When I got the go ahead for the project I had no real idea of what it was
going to look like. But one thing I did know was that we were going to wrap
a sweet berm around this oak tree! Blain Mazzetti putting the finishing
touches on her.

Rainbow rail. Who wants some!

None of this could of happened without the skilled hands of these fine
gentle men. Left to right Luis, Sammy aka the machine, sleepy Sal Saavedra,
Blain Mazzetti, Braden Banfer, Jesse Tellez, and the little homie Augie Adee.

Foot plant on the D

Putting work, moving a few hundred yards of super dry dirt. Probably ate
more then I moved.

The finished product! #roastercoaster

Thanks to the crew for all the hard work and putting up with me. And big
thanks to Jake, Pam and Steve Swope for making this happen!


June 13, 2013


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