March 9, 2015

Saavedra’s Mud madness

One of the best months in I southern California is March. Due to the face it’s the one time we get what the rest of the country calls weather. And every one knows rain plus dirt = good times !
Without a second of hesitation I jumped in the Jeep and hit the mud! Stirring up all kinds of fun! I may not be able to ride my bike in the mud yet but that’s not going to stop me from getting dirty.

I still haven’t washed her yet, she just looks way to badass caked in mud !

Did I mention it’s a rental ?

What every jeep should look like.

D-man! Chris Doyle along with a handful of other Pittsburgh legends came through to escape the East Coast weather. I thought it was funny that they pick the one time a year we actually get rain but it ended up working out. As Doyle demonstrates with a proper invert!

Sessions at Heath Pinters house always end with the most epic sunsets. Thanks to Heath for holding down one of the baddest spots in California.


March 9, 2015


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