January 13, 2014

Sieg Check In Pt II

Dan Sieg continues his prolific Check In from South Carolina and more great photos…

After our stay in Denver was over we had to high tail it over to Missouri. But not before stopping at this little piece of paradise in rural Kansas. And when I say rural… I mean RURAL. This ramp is in a dude’s backyard in a town of less than 100 people. Was pretty crazy driving the roads to get to this place and then finding this. We had no clue what we were to expect and this absolutely blew us away. Huge jam there all day with some awesome riding and even more awesome locals. Thanks dudes for having us! RIGHT: Here I am explaining to the local news station what exactly it is we do. This was a high school show for The National Guard.

This was towards the end of the tour while still finding some nice weather outside of Raleigh, Nc. Hadn’t done one of these in a while! Front flip tuck. RIGHT: This was a rough one. We were in San Antonio, Texas and believe it or not it was too cold to do the show outdoors. So were forced to do it in this tiny gym with that closet as our stopping room. Wasn’t our best show ever but hey… the kids were stoked and we made it happen. Part of being a “pro rider” is having to deal with situations that aren’t always ideal. I’m proud of my guys for being professionals and using their talents to make moves even in less than desirable situations. Yea… I flipped this set up. Whew!

Our crew with some of the Corpus Christi Guard members. Thanks for having us! Super fun shows that week. RIGHT: Corpus Christi no handed 360. Did I mention how much I love this box jump?

Oh and this one time… we got to explore the insides of a tank. Learned a lot too. Thanks to the Pa Guard for all the hook ups. RIGHT: GoPro shot of my amazing Haro/Profile BMX bike. Lane and Jackson being pals in the background.

360 whip from that same Corpus Christi show. RIGHT: And then…. tour was over. This was shot on December 21st after we finished our last show of the season. September 15th-December 21st. Whew…. it was a long one! Thanks again to everyone along the way.

January 13, 2014


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