January 8, 2013

SPoT Roast on ESPN!

Thanks to Aaron Nardi for paying a visit to Tampa.

In doing so, thanks to him for spending a weekend in the Bay Area to cover SPoT Roast’s 4th annual shebang.

It was an honor to be able to organize it, and a real humbling experience to have this many people come out to support the day’s event.

Thanks to Ryan Clements, Rob Maronek, and Brian Schaefer for always being down to support our local Bmx Scene.
Thanks to Matt Arnold, James Covington, Dave Brumlow, Mark Mulville, Scott Ehlert, Terry Donley, Alan Shirley, Forrest Roberts, and Chad Degroot for judging/announcing.

And thanks to Gus at Profile/Madera for bringing out the trailer.

See you next year.

Coverage on ESPN BMX

Coverage from BMX Union

January 8, 2013


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