February 28, 2014

Support Local: J and R Bike Shop

J and R has been in it for, well, a really, really long time. I don’t think there is an inventory in the South comparable to their store front: rows of just about everything you need in every size, color, and style.

For the past two years, J and R jumped on board the FL-BMX contest series and has become a heavy presence within the Florida freestyle scene (after being a major player in the race scene for as long as I can remember). I caught up with Bert Morrison for this quick Q and A to see what’s up.

Have a peek, check them out, and support you local bike shop.

Here’s the general questions:

Name: J&R Bicycles BMX Superstore

City: Largo

Hours: M-F 11:00a-7p, Sat. 10a-5p, Sun. Closed

Years open: J&R Bicycles has been around since the mid 70’s but under it’s current management since 1990 and BMXin’ ever since.

How many employees: Depending on the season our staff fluctuates from 10 to 15

What events/projects has the shop organized this year: We travel the country to BMX races just about every other weekend but we are extremely excited to be part of the Florida BMX Skate Park Series headed up by Dave Brumlow. It’s a great opportunity for us to get in on the ground level, support Florida riders, have fun and watch some amazingly talented riders.

What services do you provide to the local bmx community? Our main goal is to provide great service at great prices with an expansive selection. On top of that we offer support to the local tracks by supplying rental helmets, service “loaner” bikes and more. We also had the opportunity this year to help an amazing 9 year old girl and her charity that provide bikes to needy children in the Tampa Bay area. Callee’s Bikes for Buddies has donated close to 100 bikes with money she collects through her weekend lemonade stand.

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Store information:
J&R Bicycles BMX Superstore
7000 Bryan Dairy Rd.
Largo, FL. 33777

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Facebook @jrbicycles
Twitter @jrbicycles
Instagram @jandrbmx

February 28, 2014


We are taking precautions to protect our employees and follow CDC and state guidelines. In the meantime, our machine shop is still running, we're here to assist you and we'll be shipping product to help support bike shops during this difficult time.