July 10, 2019

Terry Adams: Globe Trotter Mode.

Here’s a little update with a couple photos from my recent trip to Germany.
I competed in two events. Rhur games & BMX world’s in Cologne Germany. I ended up getting 4th place in Rhur games just missing the podium And ended up in 7th At the worlds.
This year has been a whirl-wind of traveling, competing, and training. I’m really stoked to be in these finals and I have a five-year plan mapped out to get me where I want.

In the mix:

-Red Bull show August 8th -10th Tijuana MX
-Voodoo Jam August 17th New Orleans
-Chengdu, China 3rd stop of FISE series November
-Chengdu, China First ever UCI World Championship Flatland (Also November)

July 10, 2019