October 25, 2013

Texas Toast 2013 According to Jared Eberwein

“This was my second time getting the chance to experience Texas Toast, the atmosphere is amazing and getting to share it with so many of your friends is what makes it that much better. I came out to Toast just like last year for the dirt contest, but mostly because everyone from around the states makes there way there as well, so its great to hangout with everyone. The week leading up to the event, watching the weather made it seem as if the event wouldn’t even happen because of all the down pore from the thunderstorms. I flew in Thursday night, and practice was the next day, with the weather report still indicating that it was going to be raining pretty much all weekend long. We showed up Friday around noon, the jumps were actually dry and ridable, but everything around them was a mud pit. The crew who built and that was taking care of the jumps did an awesome job by still making it happen. Covering the entire trail of jumps with tarps, and then throwing hay on the walk ways, made it a little easier to get back to the top. The jumps were cool, nice relaxing fun jumps that you can have a good time on no matter what. They had a pretty neat start, a couple cranks on top of a storage bin, into a little wood kicker, sending you flying down a steep wood roll in. Right into the first jump, first couple jumps were off set, kind of hipped, then into a long and low, then right in to the last set, leading up to a banked wall. There were about 75 plus riders, insane amount just like last year. Unlike last year I didn’t make finals, kind of blew my runs. Didn’t make Texas Toast any less fun though, still went on with the weekend and had a great time. My trip ended with the NORA Cup experience, I’ve never been to one before. Last time I was around for a NORA Cup was about 4 years ago, and I remember there being a issue because I wasn’t 21. That’s not a problem now as we just keep aging, to say the least. My Texas Toast/NORA Cup was an amazing time, thanks to FreeAgent and Heath Pinter for getting me out there, also thanks to my other supporters, Profile Racing and Hart&Huntington.”


October 25, 2013


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