October 18, 2012

Texas Toast: Finals.

We ended up staying a lot longer than expected on Sunday. We had an eight hour drive ahead of us back to Tulsa but things just got too wild to pass up.
Dirt was pretty intense. All three Profile dudes made it into finals: Mulville, Eberwein, and Moseley. And Mulville came out in 2nd place overall.
Here’s a couple photos I grabbed during practice…there was a heavy rain on Sunday morning which actually packed down the dirt.

Street finals were top 16 out of 70. Jeff K. made it and rode real well on Sunday.
Gap to double tire (the elevated subrosa flat rail) to bar.
Gap from the grind ledge to double tire the square rail.

Keep an eye out. His clips in this next Profile team edit are pretty intense.
Thanks to everyone involved at Texas Toast. Thanks to Taj for putting it on. Thanks to the dudes at Odyssey for making it happen overall.
Next years event is a must go….

Mulville no footed can

Matt Olson flip whip

Lucas Porzio nothing

Jared Eberwein no handed 360

October 18, 2012


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