April 10, 2012

The Ocean Beach Park

Minus a couple of drunk, barney skaters lurking in the shadows and harassing bmxers, this park might be one of the best I’ve ever ridden. Everything flows, nothing is slippery, and the bmx vibe is dialed. Put in a solid three hour session to start the day, ate some lunch, met up with John Androus, and headed out to ride some street. I understand why San Diego is the new bmx destination for winter. There is no lack of spots to ride…day number 2 starting now. To be continued…

Jared Eberwein boosts a no hander at the OB park

Mulville becomes a zookeeper in SoCal

The crew hanging around the ocean beach pier in San Diego

Matt Coplon ledge to rail gap in San Diego.


April 10, 2012


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