April 30, 2020

The Pressure Cooker with Terry Adams

Jumping back into the contest scene was a huge goal of mine for 2019. After completing the year I was able to have some nice qualifying runs and made it into the finals at every contest. I ended up finishing off the year in fourth place at the UCI world championships in China. . Last year working with Martti as my coach we were able to put together some nice runs for these contest and i was able to have some very long flawless sessions alone in my garage. But this post is not about the things that I was able to accomplish but more so the things I need to work on as a contest rider moving forward. Last year I had a pattern of riding good in the Qualification rounds and then in the finals I developed some nervousness issues that kept me from the podium. I want to be as honest and vulnerable as possible with you and let you know that It was a big problem for me. I’ve been doing many things in the background to work on these issues. Moving forward one of the strategies I’m going to do is stream my contest run live on my Instagram once a month. Everyone is welcome to watch! The reason for this method is to help with that nervousness that I had on the contest stage last year. This is something that I have not dealt with in the early 2000’s so I’m doing everything I can to fix it. The first Pressure Cooker will be this Friday (tomorrow) at 1pm central. I will go for my 3 minute contest run one time. Then I will go live with Martti & you guys can listen to his thoughts about my performance. Last year my biggest problems aroused after I made my first mistake, So my goal is not to ride perfect but it is to recover after I make a mistake. I will be picking one person in the comments of the Instagram live ( @terryadamsbmx ) and giving them a Profile Racing elite front gold hub. The live feed is open to anyone to watch but remember the best comment wins the hub!

Thanks to everyone in advance for tuning in and huge shoutout to Profile Racing for being apart of this! The PRESSURE COOKER tomorrow (May 1st) at 1 PM central!

April 30, 2020


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