July 25, 2018

The Search for Animal Chin with Jared Eberwein

“I met up with Ricky Moseley on a Wednesday morning at Volcom Skatepark located in Costa Mesa, CA. I’ve never been to that skatepark but have lived not TOO far away most of my life in Riverside.

Definitely driven past it tons of times, but for the longest time it never allowed bikes, and was a big bust. Nowadays, bikes still aren’t technically allowed but the strict protocol has definitely lightened up in the past year. A lot of big named riders move to SoCal and generally locate themselves near the beach, so Volcom and the somewhat new Vans Skatepark in HB seem to be the most two common parks for everyone.


I had a good first time at the park, but can easily see that it takes a few visits before getting a bit comfortable with flowing the park. We ended up riding the park for at least a couple hours or more, then myself, Ricky, (joined by Kris Fox) went to Native Food’s Café (Matt Coplon’s favorite place to eat in Cali.).image1

Had a good lunch, and Ricky was talking to us about a ramp he’s seen for over a year now on an abandon lot of land.

After a seek and find mission, we reached the ramp successfully and set our equipment down and began to feel out the ramp. Though there was a broom on the ramp, the ramp was swept clean when we showed up…there was all kinds of loose tree and plant shrubbery on the ground at the edges of the decks to the mini. So some people, probably skaters, definitely ride the mini somewhat often I’d say.image3

We started riding, feeling it out more and more, getting comfortable, as well as trying to think of things to film and shoot. Fast forward about 20 min from that point: we had collected a clip each and about six to seven photos each. We kept riding but then realized, well, we’re pretty stoked on the content we did get and enjoying the ramp more than we thought.

Sometimes it’s better to end when you’re ahead.

-Jared Eberwein

July 25, 2018


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