October 28, 2011

The Word: With Lucas Porzio.

I respect Lucas for many reasons. Of those many, let me highlight a few: he’s not scared of doing wild moves, when he says “I’m going for it,” he seriously means he’s going for it (see upcoming Profile web edit), and although I’m one for a fresh looking rig, Lucas is not scared to ride a dialed bike into the ground. Check this:

Frame: deco 21″

forks,knifes,spoons: T-1 they weigh about 3 pounds and I trust them.

bars: T-1 8.25

gooseneck/aka stem: PROFILE Acoustic 53mm

Hs: parts and pieces, Matt gave me the sweet ass red top cap.

cranks: PROFILE 180 spline drive

sprocket: PROFILE spline drive 30t/10

inside: PROFILE Ti spindle with no bearing spacer so I can tighten them how I want with a hop up spacer on one side and stock washers on the drive side

pedals on are pirate ships: PROFILE Gas Pedals

chain gain: KMC k710

seat: a PROFILE one that you can’t have cause it was a prototype that wasn’t produced

post up: pivotal..don’t remember,has about 3 different colors of paint on it and deco stickers over that

clamp it tight: PROFILE slim jim

brakes: fly

lever: tech77


hub guard: PROFILE

tires: front,fly ruben kevlar 2.10 back,animal glh kevlar 1.95

grips: odi longnecks cut down

the dubs: i take a lot of pride in my wheels and lacing them up myself,you get exatactly what you want everytime and they just seem to last longer for me, i’m pretty hard on my parts.

hubs: front mini back ss…custom red for me after my shanking..and i drew little daggers on them before i laced them
rims: hazard light in the front and a hazard in the back
laced: 2 cross in the front with double butted spokes and on the back,just your typical three cross on straight spokes all wrapped up in some alloy nipples…

other little bs about deathshorse….couple of carbon head set spacers……plastic bar ends so when my bike bounces my bars dont bend…dirty raw crank arms, I’ve been doing it for about 8yrs….always have a valve cap on the front tire and only the front tire, to this day still dont know why….average life of cranks,pedals and spindle, 2months……with a ti spindle I get about 6months to a year with arms and pedals,my arms dont twist and my pedals dont bend…my fork weight, well I’ve seen a lot of forks break and its scary, I like to trust my bike when im doing stupid shit, with how my bike weighs out its now heavier in the front than the back, perfect balance point..about 26 to 27lbs over all, I like my girls light and my bikes heavy….

October 28, 2011


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