August 17, 2017

The Worlds 2017 through the eyes of Profile Racing

Profile Racing Brings the Factory to the World

After a 16-year break, the BMX World Championships were back on US soil.  Profile Racing decided to head up to Rock Hills, SC for the week-long event which would set a record as the largest UCI BMX World Championship ever.


Travel Log Day 1:  A scenic drive

The rig left Profile HQ in St. Petersburg, FL and headed north towards Rock Hill, SC.  Along the way, team manager Gus and pit boss John stopped by to see Duncan and Bobby at Maxxis Tires.

After leaving Maxxis, John and Gus hauled the rig to Rock Hill, SC.

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Travel Log Day 2: Preparation is key

Before setting up in the expo, there were important preparations to make:

Like washing off the road dust so the rig really shines and picking up cases and cases of water, ice and healthy snacks to keep everyone cool, fueled and hydrated during the hot July days!

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Travel Log Days 3 & 4 – Setting up is inTENTS

It was time to claim our spot at the expo and setup our home away from home.  The sun was blazing and it was a long hot day of setting up the tents, fans, tables and chairs but by late afternoon we were officially set up!

From there it was time to setup the displays to show off the hardware:

The latest Profile Elite hubs (you HAVE to spin them!) and one of a kind cranks.

We also had a section to show off our co-sponsors newest offerings…..

Before we headed back to the hotel to cool off in the pool, we had to check out the track and those huge starting hills!


Travel Log Day 6 – There’s no “I” in Team

With setup done and racing starting soon it was the perfect time to get the Profile UK and American riders together for pizza, fun and custom team gifts. This was the first time the riders from “across the pond” got to meet their American team mates.  A big thanks to Mrs. Hoke for the great goodie bags!

Travel Log Day 7 – Let’s get ready to Rumble

After 2 days of practice, it was finally time to race!  The first day was cruisers and Harley, Richie, Rose Ellen and John were on deck.


With one of the biggest classes in cruiser, over 100 riders, “Air Dog” Richie Day and Harley Taylor had their work cut out for them.  Both of them flew through their motos, eigths, and quarters.  In the semis, Harley and Richie had valiant efforts but were not able to transfer to the main.


Rose Elle Hoke raced 17-24 Women’s Cruiser.  Rose Ellen was focused as she battled through the motos, quarters and semi-finals, all the way to the main event.  There she finished 6th and will run the W6 plate.


Last up on cruiser day was John Pringle, racing the 51 and over cruiser class.  John won his motos and breezed through the quarters and semis and into the main event.  In the main, he took an 8th place and will now run the W8 plate.


Team manager, Gus, was thrilled to have 2 new world challenge plate holders on the team.

Travel Log – Days 8 -10 – Twenty Inch Action

Charlie Golwyn was the only Profile rider to race on day 8 competing as one of 114 boys in the 10 boys class.  Charlie was strong in the motos, transferring out to his eights.  With a fourth-place finish in the 1/8s, he was on to the quarter finals but did not place high enough to move on from there.


On Day 9 Amanda Taylor got her long-awaited turn on the track.  She was strong and consistent in the 14 girls class; comfortably moving on from the motos and into her eights.  In the one-eight finals she finished fourth and was able to transfer on to the quarters, where she took a sixth.  It was a strong performance for her first trip to Worlds.


Darcie Taylor, coming all the way from the UK to join her US teammates, entered the race as the current world 3 plate holder in 15 girls.  Her experience showed as she moved through motos, 1/8’s; ¼’s and semis.  In the semi, she was in a position to transfer on to the main until the last straight where the bar banging got the best of her and she took a sixth.


Day 10 was the last day of competition for the Profile World team riders as the 16 and over riders took to the track.


Harley Taylor was first up, racing the largest group of the event, 17-24 men, with 171 riders vying for the top 8 spots in the main.  Harley had some trouble in round one but followed up with an amazing second moto to transfer out to the 1/16 qualifiers.  From there he moved onto the 1/8s and into the quarter finals.  He had to settle for the 5 in the quarters and was not able to move on further.


Richie Day, was also in the 17-24 men class but never shared a moto or qualifying round with Harley – that’s how big that class was!  Richie was strong and consistent in the motos to move on to the 1/16 qualifiers.  In the 1/16 qualifiers he took a third and moved on to the 1/8 qualifiers.  In this class, the qualifying rounds were crazy and Richie was caught up in the thick of the battle and ended up fifth.

Rose Ellen Hoke wanted to take home another world number as she raced the 17-24 women’s class.  She was had solid motos with top finishes each time and moved on to the one-eight qualifiers.  But there run would end as she finished seventh.

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From there the team got to sit back, relax and watch the Championship classes.  Then it was time to pack up and head back to Profile HQ.  We just want to thank all Jim and Nancy Alley, Charlie and everyone else at Profile Racing for their support of the Profile World Team and making this trip possible!  Thank you our sponsors for their support!


Awesome race photos taken by: BMX Mania, BMX News and Billy Wright/Bmx Talk – thank you all for the great action shots!


August 17, 2017


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