December 11, 2013

Throwing bars through the FL Keys

With the long weekend after Thanksgiving, my lady and I took a little trip to the Florida Keys. I brought my bike along on the mini vacation just in case I found cool stuff to ride, and I definitely did find some cool spots!

My plan was to throw the bars through all the keys, but I didn’t get to do all of them so I ended up just finding cool spots to do some on Big Pine Key, Key West, Bahia Honda Key and a few more. Besides just doing bar spins, I found a cool palm tree to ride, A little roof to hop off at the start of the 7 mile bridge and hung out with Key deer.

I think the coolest move of them all was doing the southern most bar spin in the USA! The riding was super fun, but the best parts of the trip were the relaxing with the lady, Camping at Bahia Honda state park and Key west and kayaking through the keys!

If you’ve never been to the Florida Keys, I’d recommend a visit.

– Mark Mulville

December 11, 2013


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