February 23, 2012

Thursday news bits.

First, this from Mulville:

“After doing demos at Rays MTB park last Friday, my girlfriend and I
went out to dinner with Gus and Termite from Profile who were in Cleveland
for the event.

While at dinner, Termite told the waitress it was my
birthday. So after a while the waitress along with other co workers came
over and sang for me and made me swing this towel over my head and said it
was my 17th birthday. Thanks Gus and Termite for a great dinner and time.

Another wild move from George Manos. This is serious.

The new, private, indoor set up right down the road from Phil Aller’s place.
Southern England. Dialed!

Finally. The New Madera Top load stem. Name soon!


February 23, 2012


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