July 5, 2013

Vince Kroff: Ambassador for Two Sports

Living the “BMX lifestyle” can really take a toll on you: long days riding, long nights partying, traveling and of course slamming. I’ve been living in San Diego for a few years now, since the move I have made alot of life changes. Maintaining an enjoyable job, more health conscious eating habbits, a lot less “nights on the town” and re-discovering the grappling arts. All of these things have made me a more focused person and that translates over to my riding in an extremely positive way. Putting in the hours at work makes you appreciate your time outside of the work environment and thus makes you more motivated to learn new tricks and ride harder. Eating clean and whole foods makes your body run like the fine tuned machine it is. Trust me, start eating right and I guarantee it will impact your body, physically/mentally. Jiu-Jitsu, there are so many great things I can say about Jiu-Jitsu… First, I used to wrestle back in middle/high school but around my 15th birthday I began to take BMX really serious, like all I wanted to do was ride, so by sophomore year I had completely quit wrestling. Riding became a big part of my life but I always missed the competitve aspect to grappling. After breaking my elbow, I decided to get back into grappling, jiu-jitsu, submission grappling, whatever your prefer to call it. Once my first class was over, the spark had been reignited. Since then I have made some great friends outside of BMX, earned my blue belt, trained with world champions, won medals, became member of a competitive grappling team and I feel the journey has only just started. I know I’m not dropping edits every month but I feel that Jiu-Jitsu and BMX are alot alike and I will continue to be an ambassador for both sports. Work, Ride, Train, Repeat!!!

-Vince Kroff

July 5, 2013


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