March 22, 2019

Youth of Today with Jared Eberwein

“More progress for my oldest boy, Brockton. We bought him a pedal bike for his 3rd birthday, which was in June, and he JUST NOW gave it some attention. Thanks to his mama, we were out in the front yard just doing something, not sure what but always something. My wife Devin was getting both of my boys bikes down off the wall, and Brockton asked for his blue bike, which is the bike with pedals. I’ve tried pushing him around myself before and tried to get him excited to try for more, but he wouldn’t give it much effort and stopped trying quickly. So we actually switched out his seat from his balance bike that he’s been using. I think it helped him out a little bit, but I think most of all gave him way more mental confidence. 

My wife started pushing him around on the bike getting him comfortable with it, then kicked up the speed a little bit and started running with him as she still helped guide him. Next go around she started to float her hands away from him, and BOOM! He took off all on his own, pedaling down the drive. Fast and fearless for a few seconds, but most of all so excited and proud of himself. He just wanted to keep on going and going. We were all so excited, I already considered him to already know how to ride a bike, but I guess technically, this moment makes it completely official. I’ve been taking him around to skateparks with me, and he’s been stoked and keeps going and doesn’t want to end. Typically he would be the one to make the call that he’s ready to go, lately I’ve been having to do so.

Now that he knows how to ride his pedal bike, he still needs a lot more practice, especially when it comes to him doing it all completely on his own, starting and stopping. I can’t wait to take him to the park now with his big boy pedal bike, we have yet yo do so, but I’m sure he’s ready. Looking forward to making more awesome memories, having fun, and seeing progression.”

-Jared Eberwein

March 22, 2019


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