October 20, 2023

1600 Miles to Saskatoon — Andrew Lazaruk + Carson Donovan — Timeless Bmx Distro

1600 Miles to Saskatoon — Timeless Bmx Distro x Profile Bmx

The main purpose of the trip was to get out to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for the 8th annual Brett Craig memorial jam put on by Doug’s Spoke N Sport.
I wanted to get Timeless more involved with that event this year and make it out there in person. I decided to make a road trip out of it and try to ride a few parks along the way. There wasn’t much of an agenda aside from making sure we were there for the day of the jam. It’s a decent drive (13 hours-ish), so I planned for a couple extra days on the way out to be able to stop and ride some parks but doing so meant we would have to drive straight back on the way home.

Alex Fenning and I headed out from Kelowna early one morning and met up with Carson Donovan in Cochrane, Alberta and got a session in at the park there before staying the night in Calgary. The next day, we checked out a couple other Alberta skateparks before making our way further east to Saskatoon. Having made it to the destination a day before the jam, we had time to check out a few Saskatchewan parks before we ended up getting rained out later on in that afternoon. The jam itself was amazing! So stoked we were able to make it out there for it, already looking forward to next year.

Big thanks to Kelly Bragg and the rest of the guys from the bike shop for putting the event on. Headed out early the next morning to make our way back to British Columbia. Have to give a huge shout out to Seth Varga for the accommodations in Saskatoon, Seth rules and is a big part of the scene out there!
Can’t wait to head back out!

-Andrew Lazaruk

Song: “Mechanical sounds cascaded through the city walls and everyone revelled in their ignorance” by Red Sparrows.
Filmed by Alex Fenning.
Artwork by Dave Long.

October 20, 2023


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