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Profile Racing Hub Warranty and Maintenance

Profile Racing’s Manufacturer’s Warranty

Profile Racing warrants its bicycle products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 30 days from the original date of purchase and is only intended for the original purchaser and owner of the Profile Racing part. Any Profile Racing product that is found by Profile Racing to be defective in materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Profile Racing providing it is returned to our factory freight prepaid. This warranty does not cover damage or failure resulting from misuse, abuse, alteration, neglect, normal and reasonable wear and tear (including surface rust), crash or impact,failure to perform routine maintenance as instructed, or use other than that for which the product was intended. Profile Racing shall not be held liable for any indirect, special, or consequential damages. This written express warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, implied or expressed, and does not cover any representation or warranty made by dealers beyond the provisions of this warranty.


 Profile Hubs do require maintenance to maintain peak performance. Profile hubs are designed to allow for easy maintenance, removal of the driver, axle and bearings. As a general guideline, the hub should be checked every 3-6 months and serviced by an authorized dealer once a year or as needed depending on your riding style. Here are a few tips if you encounter a problem with your hubs.

     1. After riding your new rear hub/wheel for the first time, remove it from the bike and inspect the driver springs and the pawls along with internal drive ring. wipe clean with a lint free cloth   (Do not use any type of grease, i.e.. White lithium or wheel bearing grease on the driver or drive ring). If the driver pawls need lubrication, we recommend one drop of a light weight free hub oil per pawl pivot point. 

    *Note: If you are riding everyday, then you may want to inspect the internal drive more often.

  1. Over tightening or exceeding the recommended torque spec of your hub bolts will crush the hub cones causing the hub to come loose. Check and make sure that your hub body cones have not been crushed. Remove the cones and inspect the inside race at the bottom of the cone. We recommend that the cones be replaced if there are any signs of damage. (**Note: We recommend your hub bolts do not exceed a maximum of 45ft-lbs.torque).

    3. Wheels built at high tension will cause hubs to become loose (wobble from side to side.). Check and make sure that the spoke tension is right. If your wheel has side movement, check to see if your bearings are easy to push out of the hub body or that the cones have not been crushed.

    4. Planning for a new set of hubs/wheels?  Make sure you look into all the variables that may cause damage to your new hubs. Choose the right hoops/spokes and have a professional build your wheels. In some cases the hoop/rim spoke hole positions, lacing style, and tension can cause damage to the hub.  


Profile Racing chromoly crankarms and chromoly spindles carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty (except for Anniversary Vintage Box Cranks) to the original purchaser that covers bending, cracking or breaking. Hammering, welding or any altering of the component(s) voids warranty. Cosmetic problems are excluded. Profile Racing requires proof (or documentation) in the form of a purchase receipt or copy of the registration stub with any warranty claim.This policy is for like-exchange and does not include upgrades, shipping, or color changes.

If you feel you have a warranty claim please email Shane in our Warranty Department at [email protected] for information and shipping instructions regarding your warranty claim. Our Warranty Department is open Monday through Friday (except holidays), 8 AM to 3:30 PM (Eastern).


If your part does not qualify for warranty replacement, Profile Racing offers crash replacements for hub-shells and other parts. For more information regarding a crash replacement program contact our warranty department.

Please Note:

  • No warranty is offered for any parts supplied within this warranty.

Profile Racing is committed to continuous improvements to our products and strive to deliver the quality you expect. If you are unable to resolve an issue or have questions about your Profile product contact us at Profile Racing, we are happy to assist you. 

For Warranty and Tech Questions: 

Shane Wanek 727.391.7370 Email: [email protected]

For Installation and Tech Questions: 

Gus Lanzilotta (727) 391-7370 – Email: [email protected]


There is no warranty on Profile Racing Titanium Parts. 


We are taking precautions to protect our employees and follow CDC and state guidelines. In the meantime, our machine shop is still running, we're here to assist you and we'll be shipping product to help support bike shops during this difficult time.