November 26, 2018

Mulville’s Winter Wonderland.

I’m pretty sure Florida just rules because yet again, November has ruled! Or maybe it’s that even being so busy with work lately, I took advantage of every free moment I could find? Either way, it’s been one hell of a month.
I was able to see my parents for thanksgiving, which is always a treat. My long time buddy, Zack Best was home for the month. The weather has been unreal amazing. Not much there to complain about.

One Handed tabe is West Melbourne care of Zach Best.

Per usual, there was a rocket launch courtesy of, SpaceX which is always a sight to witness, and I obviously had to find time to wander around with alligators. I can’t go to long without hanging with those amazing creatures.

The Space Coast never disappoints.

Besides all of the above, the waves have been pumping so surf has been swell, also with this weather, it’s been so nice to get on the bike as much as possible! Had a few solid park sessions, as well as some local street jib cruises, but the best was finally making back out to the grapefruit trails. Stoked to get out and hopefully keep the visits coming more and more again.

Surfing in winter?

Thanks to Profile Racing and everyone involved in making November another great month!

OG Florida resident.

-Mark Mulville
All bmx photos shot by, Zack Best.
Surf photo shot by a robot.
Rocket and alligator photos by me.

November 26, 2018


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