January 15, 2024

Spoke and Word — Episode One — How to pedal from Tampa to Cuba or A Cigar City in your backyard.

Spoke and Word, hosted by Matt Coplon.

Brought to you by Profile Racing and Radshare.

For anyone who has ridden a bmx bike, the initial journey always starts right outside your front door.

The sound of your tires crunching asphalt is hard to disassociate from what you experience while pedaling; your town’s unique flora and fauna, it’s architecture and history, and those conversations you have with friends, the camaraderie that was begun on two wheels, and those connections that could very well last a lifetime.

Profile’s Freestyle Team Manager, Matt Coplon, takes you on a pedaling experience through his home state of Florida. To reminisce on the things, behind the things, that we all have experienced while pedaling.

Spoke and Word’s first Season will be a total of 8 episodes and will include rides/Interviews with Profile’s Dr. Luis Pinzon (The Owl’s Nest and Emergency Medicine), Mark Mulville (Florida Trails History, Rocket Photography, and the second longest continuous sidewalk in the US), and Chad Degroot (his connections to Florida all while traversing through Everglades National Park).

And, of course, each episode will end as a session with the crew at the local, to finish a perfect day of riding.

We hope you enjoy the journey, but more importantly, we hope it motivates YOU to get outside and discover it yourself.


Filmed and Edited by Dan Dellorso of Dellorso Visuals.

Artwork and Logo by Adi Gilbert.

Created by Matt Coplon.

Brought to you by:

Profile Racing —

Radshare —

RADshare is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering local youth: to reach their full potential through inclusive community-based projects that explore and celebrate the art of having fun.


Spoke and Word — Episode One — How to pedal from Tampa to Cuba or A Cigar City in your backyard.

Inspired by years of solo pedaling/searching for street spots through his immediate neighborhood, Matt Coplon walks out of his front door to pedal a 16 mile loop through his beloved City of Tampa .

From discovering a massive, historic Camphor tree, to dodging a chicken siesta, all while en route to pedal to Cuba without a passport…this episode ends with a session at the historic Bowl in Downtown Tampa.

Thanks for coming along for the ride; We hope you enjoy.

January 15, 2024


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