January 28, 2020

A Custom Knee Brace You Won’t Forget

“Unfortunately I’m a victim of the dreaded ACL tear. Years ago, about 5/6. Luckily for me, as game changing as a knee injury and surgery is, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to get involved with CTi Knee Braces. Only having the bad injury and surgery performed on my right knee. Once I started wearing CTi knee braces, I made a decision to just wear a brace on both legs. CTi is able to make the braces to form fitting (custom) to my legs, as well as any others who decide or have the chance to do so. My right leg was already used to a brace, so wearing both braces took a bit to get use to. I think it was a factor of multiple things; my left leg never being use to it, actually wearing two braces, and just a mental thing as well. I’d say after a couple weeks I was fairly use to it, with wearing them, applying and taking them off, traveling with them, etc. I basically had hit the point of normality.

Riding was an adjustment for sure, but not discouraging. Certain tricks however were a little bit different. If I did a turndown that I was stoked on, I would think to myself, “hell yeah, even with two knee braces”. haha.

My relationship grew over time with my friends from CTi and we get opportunities to have more custom work done, like a sweet color way, designs, or anything you can imagine. CTi’s painters and graphic designers were able to make it a reality. My first custom “paint job” started out with gummy bears all over them. Then the second ones, I wanted Redvines/licorice and CTi made that happen very well too. I’m not onto my third custom paint job, I usually try every year, because not only is the look and paint getting refreshed, the entire knee brace(s) get an overall, new everything. They can even reshape your existing brace IF needed. Since I’ve had a candy theme going on, I feel I have to stick with it. This time I ended up going with Sour Patch Kids. I was unsure of the outcome, but I knew no matter what, CTi always comes through! I was stoked on the overall finish and now I was left with only one thing to do: Take some SWEET photos, make a cool video, and then start shredding in my refreshed braces. Though, my teeth and gut weren’t too excited with the abundance of candy I had for the photo shoot!”

-Jared Eberwein

January 28, 2020


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