November 9, 2016

All Hallows Eve with Jared Eberwein.

“My October has started off a little slow, which is good. My September seem to slow down significantly, and I was not bummed about it, nice change of pace. October is one of the busiest month out of the year for ALL the BMX show companies. Shows started popping up here and there, and then just flooding in the last two weeks. It’s awesome to see our sport bring everyone together, riding bikes, spreading positive message, and making some income all at the same time. Aside from the crazy show schedules I’ve had some free time, and went riding with some friends at a different time of the day then I’m use to. I’ve been have a lot of fun with that “add on” game, gets tiring and scary sometimes haha. All in good fun though. I did have to beef up my motorcycle bike rack after 3 solid year of proper function. Damn pot hole in the road caused the front end of my rack to pop off the mounts, resulting in a bent and not strong rack. Thanks fully my bother in law would build all the accessories for off road vehicles, helped me get it back in line and stronger. ”

-Jared Eberwein

November 9, 2016


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