October 3, 2019

Balancing Act: Jared Eberwein walking the professional tight wire.

“I’m four and a half years deep into family life, which is wife and kid(s), my oldest is 4 1/2 and youngest is 2 1/2. My amazing wife is ALWAYS on top of trips and family time, it’s almost like her hobby, planning trips. There is usually always a trip planned no matter what. She is already thinking and planning the next adventure, wether its small or once in a lifetime opportunity. I give her a hard time for it, but its amazing times like these trips, its nice to be close and just BE with your family. No matter if I want to or not, I always know I’ll be apart of something awesome and, well, family time spent every year thanks to my wife. I have grandparents that live in AZ, we try to visit them often, because we love to, its my boys great grandparents, and hey its another trip. Over Labor Day weekend we drove on out to visit them with the boys and my mom: in which they’re my mom’s parents. It was pretty hot in AZ, I don’t mind the heat, I actually really like it, but when it doesn’t cool down at night like home sweet home Riverside does, it feels a bit crazy.

Luckily AZ has some amazing skateparks, and my boys like to ride their bikes, usually mine and my wife’s trips somewhat involve my BMX bike one way or another. Sometimes my bike takes us both to amazing places, great opportunities, very grateful experiences. Then sometimes when its the other way around I take my bike with me to places, trips, and family time. No matter what its a huge part of my life, always will be, and continue to be. I’m happy to have these two wheels be a big part of my life. Our trip to AZ was amazing being with family, enjoying the vacation time, and bringing my bike along to ride Chandler Bike Park. Which by the way, my oldest, Brockton caught his biggest air yet. He was dropping into a bank, like he does at other skateparks we go to. This time at Chandler he wanted to roll in from a bank into another bank. I was nervous after he already started going, at the bottom of the second bank was the big four sided box. Which he was going over the bottom edges, getting a little tiny air, if any. When he rolled in the two banks together, I knew he was rolling too fast for HIM to be able to pull away from the corner. Resulting in him catching his biggest air yet, I felt like a typical parent. Scared for their kid getting hurt, I thought his hands were going to shoot off the grips and fall. Sure enough though he held on tight and road away a little scared and always A LOT of STOKE!’

October 3, 2019


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