March 23, 2020

Bmx All Day with Jared Eberwein: Early March, 2020.

“Another one for the books, I woke up early and rode my harley down to Rickys house in HB so I can hop in his BRAND NEW CAR and go ride skateparks all day. I was definitely something to look forward to for me; One, because Ricky was driving me around all day, Two, I had the whole day open and committed to shredding, Third, I was stoked to get comfortable back on my bike.
I got to Ricky’s at about 8:30, freezing from riding the motorcycle, straight into 2 hours of traffic, driving 70 miles to a park. It’s a park I’ve been to years ago, though I remember the downfall of this skatepark (Filmore) was the wind. Surprisingly surprised AGAIN by the wind, it definitely ruined the session but Ricky and I were still productive. Ate some lunch after, then onto the second park (Moorpark) which we both had been to before, and realized we’ve both shot photos and filmed a bit in the past at this park. We both rode, each filmed a specific clip, and then left.
I think we made the second stop quick because we were eager to get to the next park, which was the anticipated park of our whole day and planning. A new park that neither one of us had been to, just had photos to go off of. Ricky looked up online and saw somewhere that the park didn’t open up until 2PM. Thats why we made our way up to the area and made a day of it by riding the other parks, with the intentions of waiting until 2PM. We arrived at the new park, and were stoked because I feel like a lot of other riders can relate to this. Its always so fun, the interest and learning of a new park, whether its good or not. Its just the “new” factor that seems to be there for the first session.
We shortly learned from some of the locals there that the park is open ALL the time, haha. We didn’t have to wait till 2PM after all, either way we know now. We’ll definitely show up for a morning session the next time either one of us goes there. It was fun regardless but it was a tiny bit crowded when we arrived. Us being new to the place too also restricts us a little, I feel. Trying to scope the place out, feel out the locals, find the lines, etc. Doing so with the park a little busy, makes it a little tougher. Nonetheless, we had a damn good time. My favorite thing was this quarter to flair, I’ve been on a kick of trying to flair every park I go to and get better at them. The park also had this sweet but scary fast channel gap that was ideal for my way as well.
It was a good day, fun, relaxing, and good company. Ricky and I headed back to his house in his fast Ricky racer car, stopped in Malibu and ate some chipotle, then back on down south to his house. Then I shortly realized I had to ride the Harley back home after riding all day and being wiped out, I didn’t enjoy it one bit, but got home quick safe and sound.”
-Jared Eberwein

March 23, 2020


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