February 12, 2020

Chris Childs x Our Bmx = Boiling Point

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of traveling quite a bit with Walter Pieringer. His dedication to riding and carefree attitude make it easy to put yourself on the line and feel confident that what you are trying is going to be captured the best it can be.

This past year we had been on a few trips which included stops in LA and DC. Getting broke off early in a trip is never fun, so we set up a quick two day get together back on home turf. Smack in the middle of two trips, Walter squeezed in a quick run up to Providence, Rhode Island to check off a few things I had in mind.

With this recent occurrence of events, I am proud to represent Walter and my work in the form of an Our Bmx X Profile edit.

The song from a close friend’s (James Kelly), Boiling Point, ties together both the personal side of this edit being short and sweet and also putting a finger on the pulse of where you see yourself in this current state of BMX. Let’s not get lost in what we think BMX needs to be and love it for what it is, because, it ain’t going anywhere.

-Chris Childs

February 12, 2020


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