January 16, 2017

Cory Foust: Profile X Native Collab 2017

“Where: Mostly in Austin, Texas.
When: I’m pretty sure we started filming in like 2013 or 14, I had two jobs at the time and Jeremie also had some stuff going on, so this one has been in the works for a long time.
How: I’m definitely stoked on everything I was able to do for this video. A lot of the stuff I do the most often isn’t always the easiest for me, so some of these took a while. Insanely stoked on the hubs and seat combo from James, and super thankful for this opportunity. Thanks to Profile and Matt Coplon and James Covington for everything!
-Cory Foust”
Five sets of Polished Profile Mini Hubs, wrapped in hand crafted leather by James Covington at Native Bikes, now available from your local bike shop.
Thanks to Both Cory and James for help with this collaboration.
Made in the USA.
-Profile Racing

January 16, 2017


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