June 13, 2017

Degroot. Mr. B’s. The B-Side Jam.


Here is a different perspective as shot by Brian Stump AKA “Stumpy”. When I asked him to stop out and snap a few shots he asked what I wanted. Pretty easy…just shoot it from your perspective and know there is no pressure to get that insane shot. Just capture some of it as most everything is video these days. So it was not easy I assume. Jam circle out front of my shop Mr. B’s. With a wavy parking lot. It was less than ideal but more of the gathering of riders, Kip as the MC, good food, some local grown beer, and a vibe that make most everyone want to ride or pull up a chair and enjoy. Plus a lot of people have never seen an organic flatland jam. People from all over the country and even as far as Korea. Huge thanks: Great turn out for the B side jam. Huge thanks to Brian Stump.

-Chad Degroot

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June 13, 2017


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