February 13, 2018

Down, Out and Back.


“I didn’t really speak much about this injury, I don’t know why exactly. Back at the end of October I plummeted to my face. I was doing Haunt edition shows for All Wheel Sports at the Great America theme park of San Jose, CA. It was a fun run, shows every weekend, getting dressed up like zombies, and riding my bike on a sweet ramp setup to a storyline. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the end of the run, it was the first day of the last weekend of the haunt show. I was just warming up like normal, was already feeling good. Went to drop in, but I bunny hopped in so that I can get a harder pump. I guess I push down a tiny bit too early and hung up my back wheel, causing me to fly straight to the flat bottom of the nine foot tall quarter pipe. Straight to my face, shoulder, and ribs. My front left tooth went straight through my upper lip: blood instantly everywhere. At the moment, that’s the first thing that gets notice and address, it made me mad right away as I knew what had happened. Had to go see medical right away, they couldn’t take care of me as I need stitches or glue. Got a ride to the local hospital, sat there for 4 hours before going back, terrible. As I was sitting there other areas of pain started settling in, at first I was thinking I was ok and that it was just my lip/tooth. My right hand started to feel bad and tightening up, my breathing began to hurt. Turned out a broke a rib and a bone in my hand got displaced, it’s crazy how adrenaline works, it really does mask things. They ended up glueing my lip (which I prefer over stitches), gave my pain meds, and sent me on my way. I got to experience the show I did all October from another perspective: cool and not cool at the same time. HaHa. The healing process began from there….”

-Jared Eberwein




February 13, 2018


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