November 19, 2021

Erwan Perelman — Stream of Consciousness

“A simple Sunday in my life, being annoyed with an old car is routine. Sunday, 2pm, in front of the train station in Nancy, France. No ignition, with the alternator dead. Got to find a solution, let’s go down the street, it’s downhill. This way the motor will turn on, thanks to the speed…

After this, it’s time to eat and get some energy for riding and definitely film some lines before it gets dark. The hardest part, of course, cause’ the park is full. One of the last Sunday’s before winter here in the North East of Europe. Time to leave…BUT the van still has some problems! Fortunately, there is a good mind in Nancy, between all the disciplines; the scooter crew is solid! Thanks to them for the help and thanks to everyone in this video.”


I’d like to thanks Thibaud Van Roeyen with his shop @heavensgatebmx for supporting me within my bmx way of life and last but no least @matt_coplon for his amazing job through the years with such an awesome crew behind @profile_racing. Thanks bmx for giving me so much adventures !

Vidéo crédit : Paul Fisson ( @paulfisson )”

November 19, 2021


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