March 25, 2019

FISE Stream of Consciousness with Chad Degroot.

Lufathansa (say it with a lisp) airlines middle seat to Germany then capital city Riyadh Saudi Arabia for Fise contest. Overlapping bodies and human rubs fill 10 hours. May have over dressed so extra hot but breathe training keeps me calm and cool. 

Did you know It is shorter to fly the Great Circle route than a straight line due to the circumference of the earth being so much greater at the equator than near the poles. Pretty sure the earth is not flat earth .

Watching a movie and sounds of the guy next to me spilling over into my seat nose whistle is very loud. Most everyone looks like walking dead. They have been through a lot yes. But very rude manners and looks. Elbows in line and budding and me first mentality. 

Two separate people told me wrong info so I missed my flight to Saudi. More lines. More waiting. Ran into my Fise crew and Claude so the stress and panic is spread within us all now and our moods seem to be lifted to deal with our situation with jokes. Did get on another airline to Dubai now. Serious adventure happening. Last flight finally and hopes of our bikes making it. 

All good. Happiness and stress is gone. Until 5.5 hour drive in the desert. Alarm goes off in the suv when driver is speeding. Come on. So much oil here you’d think they’d burn a bit. Put the pedal down bubs. Sad but true McDonalds and fat food or fast food has taken off here as something to do at night. 

Contest is on top of a mountain and the dust n wind is pretty intense at times. Show must go on. Great riding and solid crew. Full few days of riding and laughing and figuring our shuttles. Key features were the locals having their own class and riding with pride. Very nice touch and tons of smiling faces. Shouts to all of you. 

Last day and finals today but not before a guided tourist trip to a prehistoric area where people lived in caves cause it was cool and a water source. Our drive by the sweet-water canal, very green and fish all over,  which waters the crops and produce the worlds most expensive rice. Also the most famous date and preferred growth in this area. Red bread is made from brown wheat mixed with the scent of the bound trees made in a furnace. The bread is the best I’ve had and a nice sweet taste from the prunes. 

Off to the airport with a lost driver who really likes brake checks and to get lost. Also dislikes ac and road signs. No English and none of us speak Arabic. Frustration intensified but help with directions gets us there just in time. Quick change out of dusty clothes and a bath in the sink and ready to go to Germany then home. 

Flying and travel is always an adventure with ups n downs. Looking back it was a chance in a lifetime to experience a country that has been through centuries of pain. Excited we got to experience it. It’s a memory and another country we got to visit.

Want to thank @fiseworld and @alexisdesolneux and all the riders who attended plus the Saudi’s and ninja support. #wherebmxbroughtme

March 25, 2019


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