April 17, 2017

Florida Gold!: Results.

Thanks to everyone who entered the Profile Racing X FLBMX Florida Gold video contest for 2017. Below are the points results for top 5. Total scores were based on 5 categories scored from 0 to 100, by 5 of our riders/judges (Jake Seeley, Grant Castelluzzo, Jared Eberwein, Dillon Leeper, and Jeff Klugiewicz). A total of 2500 points possible. Congrats to top 3 for winning our hand-made, Florida Gold Trophies. See you next year.

Categories to consider:

1. Filming/Editing

2. How much does it motivate the judge to ride?

3. Trick difficulty

4. Uniqueness of spot/spot usage.

5. Entertainment

1st Place (1662 total points): The Company Florida


2nd Place (1643 total points): Josiah Cano, Jack O’Leary, Bjarki Haardarson, and John Patterson


3rd Place (1620 total points): Spencer Foresman, Cory Schneider, Ryan Torrance, Chad Krutza, and Jay Dalton


4th Place (1449 total points): Nick Carballo


5th Place (1407 total points): The Mush Crew

April 17, 2017