January 30, 2018

Gasparilla Flat Jam: Sunday, January 28th.

A big thank you to Jay Marley for hosting the initial Gasparilla Flat Jam on Sunday, January 28th. The setting at Tampa’s historic Rialto Theatre couldn’t have been any better, and the communal vibe from both the riders and audience was infectious.

As with anything Marley does, we at Profile always do our best to offer as much support as possible.

Thanks to him, to the riders, and to the folks in attendance. To many more years and events to come.

Best Front Wheel Trick: Terry Adams

Best Back Wheel Trick: Bo Wade

Best Front / Back Wheel: Terry Adams


Pro Overall:

1st: Terry Adams

2nd: Tyler Gilliard

3rd: Dax Walford


Best Trick: Terry Adams

Best Old School Trick: Mike Alvarez

Here’s a cache of photos I snapped over the course of the day. I hope you enjoy.

-Matt Coplon

Gasprailla Flat #9

Mason Krug

Gasparilla Flat:#6

Mark Carlisi

Gasparilla Flat #11

Chris Babin

Gasparilla Flat:Mike Alvarez

Mike Alvarez

Gasparilla Flat:TA

Terry Adams

Gasparilla Flat:Mike Henry

Mike Henry

Gasparilla Flat:Bo Wade

Bo Wade

Gasparilla Flat:Dax

Dax Wolford

Gasparilla Flat:Teak


Gasparilla Flat:Degroot

Chad Degroot

Gasparilla Flat #7

Kevin Washington

Gasparilla Flat:Marley

Jay Marley working his magic. Thank you!


January 30, 2018


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