January 24, 2018

Greg Dickson’s Gallery from Rays: Hollywood, Ball, Radosevich, and DelBalso.

Despite falling on a weekend with a brutal storm enveloping the Midwest, our long time good friend Greg Dickson headed to Rays MTB in Cleveland for a weekend of Shred.

If you’ve been to Ray’s, you know what once you get there it’s hard to stop. A projected, on average, 3 hour session turns in a 10-er.

Thanks to Greg Dickson for taking some time away from the personal shred to snag these pics.

RaysTripPhptos (13 of 18)

Johnny DelBalso: Fufanu on the tombstone

RaysTripPhptos (14 of 18)

Paul Radosevich: Spine Turndown

RaysTripPhptos (18 of 18)

Mike “Hollywood” Brancato: One handed Nose-whip.

RaysTripPhptos (2 of 18)

Jeremy Ball: Can 360

RaysTripPhptos (15 of 18)

Johnny DelBalos: Nose dip 360

RaysTripPhptos (1 of 18)

Jeremy Ball: 360 Tabe

January 24, 2018