May 6, 2022

GUSTAVO BALA LOKA: Welcome to Profile.

Gustavo Bala loka: Welcome to Profile
“Have you heard of Bala loka?”

Anthony Napolitan had asked us a couple years ago after a trip to Brazil.
“I can’t explain his riding, you just have to see it…”
April, 2022.
Bala loka was making his way up and down the East Coast via Brazil, The Wheelmill Welcome Jam, Woodward, etc..
A good portion of his clips circulating were simply him blasting at unreal height with the questions; where did the speed come from? How was getting that high, on that quarter, possible?
We were to rendezvous at swampfest, to finally meet up as I’ve always felt strongly about knowing/connecting with the riders we support.
After finding an island of dry dirt in the swamp, I walked down to the street course, specifically the cereal bowl box, and witnessed, for the first time, first hand, Balaloka’s riding.
There, Anthony’s nebulous description made sense, instantly.
A ball of energy (that doesn’t recede), finesse, power, and style…
This narrative gives no justice.
Bala loka’s Welcome edit offers you a good introduction.
But as Anthony said, you have to see him ride, in person to comprehend, fully, what’s going on…
It was a great weekend to catch up.
Humble. Mellow. His strong dedication and friendship to his bmx crew was something to admire.
A perfect connection with our brand, and we’re honored to have him on board.
Welcome to the Profile Family, Bala loka.
-Matt Coplon (Profile Racing)

May 6, 2022


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