August 20, 2021

Jared Eberwein – Free Agent – Profile Rig Check

“I did one of the biggest adjustments I’ve ever done on a bike build, almost ever I’d say. A few of the big changes I did are, shorter cranks. I’ve run 175mm for YEARS now, as long as I can remember. Now I’ve switched down to 170mm, basically one size down. Most people outside of the BMX realm, seem to not even understand, or realize it’s technically only 5mm difference. Man, does it play a big change though, I think it’s been the biggest hurdle so far for me to overcome in my recent sessions.
Manuals have been a big challenge, and seem to be one of the bigger issues I notice or facing. Next big change is I am now running Ti spokes, now that is an unreal change, feels a little like cheating on some tricks haha. Like “using brakes” some people may say. Really though, Ti spokes make a crazy big difference in many aspects of riding. You don’t really quite understand rotating weight, until you go from one and to the other, BIG DIFFERENCE.
I’ve tried Ti spokes before in the past, and gave them about 2-3 days. I immediately changed my mind about them and literally rebuilt my wheels in a day, WHILE out on a trip for shows. That’s how desperate and dramatic I was unfortunately. This time, I’m being WAY more accepting and open minded. Just trying to get a grasp on things before I fully start riding my bike without any worries. Then I changed out some normal chromoly components for some Ti. I think that may be it. Oh and I added a piece of old grip to go over my brake lever a little bit, as I randomly cut my hand on the lever, from some plain and simple not so great catching barspins.”
-Jared Eberwein

Frame – 20.8 FreeAgent Sandoval (Prototype) / Forks – FreeAgent / Bars – FreeAgent

Cranks – Profile 170mm Column (no boss) / Profile Galaxy Sprocket 25t / Cone washer – Profile Blue BB

Hubs – Front Mini SS Blue w/ti bolts / Rims – Front Sun Ringlè Envy / Tioga Spectr 2.25 / Spokes – Ti spokes, satin green color

Rear Mini SS Blue w/ti bolts and Ti spindle / Rear Sun Ringlè Big Baller (Black) / Tioga Spectr 2.25 / Spokes – Ti spokes, satin green color

Stem – Profile Push/Mulville Stem, Blue

Pedals – Magnesium, sealed bearings, FreeAgent
Brakes – Odyssey 2.5 Evo w/ cables and components to braking
Seat – FreeAgent (grippy sides) w/ FA seat post
Chain – KMC half link silver
Grips – ODI Longneck (standard) Blue w/ barends
Cone washer – Profile Blue BB

August 20, 2021


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