February 4, 2019

Jared Eberwein on the X-mas Eve lurk.

“Ricky Moseley was undergoing a knee surgery around January 13th, and it had also been a while since we rode together, shot photos, and filmed. Ricky gave me a call about 2 days before the 24th of December and asked if I’d be able to go out and ride fairly soon. I think I suggested Christmas Eve morning, obviously I’d be doing stuff with the family but not super early though. We lined up a plan and I hit the rode DARK and early that morning of Christmas Eve. I froze my ass off, and it was completely miserable, because I rode the harley down to SD. Where we had set our place to ride, Linda Vista Skatepark.

I have seen many video of our friends riding there but never actually made it out to ride the park yet. I choose the harley just because of time management, that’s seems to always be my reasoning. Don’t want to deal with traffic and or if I’m going far or if I need to make it home quickly. Oh how it sucks though riding in the freezing cold, and this morning as I got closer to SD, the fog and mist/rain became bad enough to make it really hard to see. Once I made it to the park, Ricky showed up about a min later, pretty good timing.

The park wasn’t open yet and it was completely covered in dew, damn near water everywhere and no signs of drying. Super cloudy, hoping for the sun to pull through. We decided to wait it out so Ricky and I went to get some breakfast, I mainly wanted to ride in his warm vehicle, haha. Anyways we make it back to the park, and it’s still locked. The wetness is sorta of drying up at this point and making it certain that there was hope it would go away completely. We hop the fence, and join only one other skater in the park already.

Slowly just start rolling around and instantly having fun just pedaling fast and trying to warm up. The park has a bit of a race track feel so it was fun to just pump around non stop to warm up. We enjoy the park for a hour I’d say before we decide to shoot some stuff. As we started we also started to see some the the crowds joining in on the fun.

I learned real quick that once the park starts filling up it makes it just that much more difficult to enjoy hauling around the whole park. We started to focus on specific areas of the park, having fun and doing what we do. We collected some awesome content.

Hope you enjoy some of my Christmas Eve session photos, taken by Ricky Moseley.”

February 4, 2019


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