January 5, 2017

Jared Eberwein: Out with the old.

“Pretty sure it was about 8 years ago when I first went to TJ Lavin’s house. I was there on a trip for Redline, the whole team was out there for a 4th of July with Fuzzy Hall as our TM. We were also shooting photos for the yearly catalog. At the time TJ’s setup had a very intimating roll in, to an extremely scary cement capped dirt landing. We were there for four days for the lead up of the jam. I sat there for three of them without even attempting to roll in on the set of jumps. I hadn’t been riding dirt jumps for that long, and it was just a huge combination of things that I was overthinking in my head. Finally the day before the jam, Fuzzy said, ‘this is your last chance to try and ride the trails before there a lot of people here for the jam.” I figured I sat there long enough without even attempting the jumps, and felt bad that I wasn’t even riding with everyone, and that was the whole point of the trip. Finally before the sun had dropped the day before the jam, I strapped my helmet on and followed fuzzy up the roll in. He walked me through on what to do, and I followed him in. From right there, I finally got over the fear of it all, which I had belt up myself. I was so stoked but still scary to keep riding because it was still so new, but I got comfortable and was able to enjoy the jam with everyone the next day. Fast forward 8 years, I was able to make a return to TJ’s yard with a couple friends. I happen to be in town and everything worked out so that we got in two days of sessions. It was awesome reminiscing about my first time there, but for my second time riding his yard, I had a new fear to get over. Which was riding in a full face, its something TJ requires now for any rider who wants to ride the yard. It was a bit of an adjustment, but luckily he has a massive resi jump that helped me get a little comfortable in it. Very grateful TJ let me come out to his yard 8 years later to enjoy and have a good time, as always thank you!”
-Jared Eberwein
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January 5, 2017


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